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Websites positioning WEBSITES POSITIONING

Website positioning is the stage that should follow the creation of the Website. It may be defined as a service that significantly increases the number of visits to the Website. When searching for the information on the Internet, one uses mainly Web search engines. After entering query at a search engine site we get the list of Internet addresses which contain this query. The higher on the list our Website is, the more people are likely to visit it and become our potential customers.

Almost everyone in the world who has access to the Internet uses Web search engines.

Properly positioned Website is at the top of the list in all Web search engines.

The first stage of Web positioning is the choice of several keywords, which are the most important for the Customer - after entering these words the Website is supposed to be found. The next stages are Web indexing, adding the Websites to the directories and optimizing the code of the Website with regard to keywords chosen by the Customer. The first results of Web positioning may be noticeable after one month, however, the best results are achieved in the few months of positioning.

After three months Customer receives a free report that contains results of Web positioning.

Website positioning is indispensable
while conducting long - term
advertising campaigns on the Internet.





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