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advertising campaigns ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS

We will prepare and conduct online advertising campaigns ordered by our Customers. As far as the time is concerned, we may distinguish long-term and short-term campaigns.

- Long-term advertising campaigns are used to promote the company or its product through systematic advertisement on search engines and Web portals. Advert managed this way makes it possible to keep top positions on search engines for a very long time. When conducting this type of campaign, it is extremely essential to have properly positioned Website. More information on Website positioning can be found here.

- Short-term advertising campaigns are connected with very aggressive promotion of the product, in a relatively short time. Aggressive advertising policy guarantees reaching as many potential Customers as possible. Short-term advertising campaigns may be conducted so as to promote the product because of upcoming holiday or event. For instance, the national flag advertisement before Polish Flag Day or promotion of products for which demand is the biggest during given periods of time, such as Christmas, International Women's Day or Valentine's Day.

Gain new Customers by choosing advertising campaign appropriate for Your company!

Properly created advertising campaign enables promoting the company's brand and increasing sales of its products. We prepare reports on effectiveness of campaigns which are conducted by us.





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